Tantric massage Guide

Tantric massage has been quite popular in many foreign countries. At the beginning, the massage process is done in a narrow space and the particular massage technician is chosen by the consumers. Later on, tantric massage refers to the massage which is performed by intimate partner of the consumer in a secret chamber. There are so many advantages brought by the tantric massage. Today we will briefly introduce the process and characteristics of tantric massage.


Before the beginning of tantric massage, usually it is important to create a relaxing and easing environment for the consumer. So that it will be easy for the consumer to get into the stimulation state and experience more fun during the process. While the partner will surely enjoy the fun of providing the massage. It is a special and unique moment for both of them. In common circumstances, it is quite helpful to build trust between the partners after the tantric massage. They usually get more intimate and closer because of the process. It is heard that some skilled tantric massage technicians use this way to fix the female sexual trauma. Some women may have the trouble of getting sexual arousal. In some foreign countries, there are some cases that women are cured after a long period of tantric massage combined with professional psychological treatment.


To get comfort is not the only purpose of tantric massage. Although it plays an vital role in its functions. From my perspective, both the performer and the consumer are enjoying and relaxing during the whole process. It is unnecessary to worry about what will happen and there is nothing particular should be done here. When your physical body and mind are totally in a trusting and resting situation, you will feel the happiness pouring into your heart.


First of all, make sure the consumer is lay down on a soft pillow. The partner should stand on the position where he can see her intimate parts and make sure she is able to see his eyes just though a … The towel should be covered in the consumer’s body so that she will not get cold during the process. Split here legs and bend a little on her knees. It is also beneficial to have a pillow under her knees.


Before doing any touching or rubbing, do not forget to take a deep breath. It is vital that both of you take a deep breath in a slow and gentle way. If anyone fails to continue, the other should remind the partner of the deep breath thing together. it is necessary that both of them are calmed down and ready for the massage.


Then gently rub the body parts, from the legs to the belly, from the chest to the head. The partner should remind the other when he is going to do massage in intimate human parts so that she will not be too nervous. It may be beneficial to pour some essential oil on the hand and then smoothly rub the body parts. The aroma of the essential oil should neither be too strong or too light. Take your time and do not hurry. It is all about the relaxation and the fun between the couples. At the same time, communication should not be ignored. Especially the female should take actively part in communicating with your partner and tell him your requests. Whether the speed or strength should be increased or decreased. However, do not talk too much; the whole process should be focused on the happiness feelings.


In generally, tantric massage is indeed a wonderfully way for couples to enhance their relationship.