What is outcall massage?

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Outcall massage (or call Mobile Massage) is a type of massage in which a massage therapist travels to a client, rather than the reverse. Many massage therapists offer massage therapy in homes, hotel rooms, and businesses, among other things, providing all the necessary equipment with them to the session and packaging at the end of the day. Just like in a massage or spa massage, outcall can offer a number of different styles and options, most therapists being happy to recommend alternate therapists if they are unable to meet the needs of their customers.

The opposite of outcall massage is the incall massage, performed at a fixed location, such as a massage parlour or a sauna. In general, if a therapist offers incall and outcall massage, outcall rate will be higher, because outcall involves more work for the therapist. In some cases, massage therapists offer massage outcall only, keeping their overhead low, and they may be able to offer competitive prices compared with incall massage options.

Because massage therapy is unfortunately sometimes confused with the sex industry, therapists who offer outcall massages are generally cautious and very clear with their customers. When a client calls to make an appointment, the therapist will ask how long the client wants the session to go, and what kind of massage he or she desires. The therapist will also specify rates, and he or she can also remind the customer that sexual services are not available. In some cases, a massage therapist do offer outcall home to trusted clients, or customers who have been recommended by other therapists.

You can usually find listings for massage therapists who provide outcalls in some massage directory or google, and if the inclusion of the therapist does not, you can call and ask. If you know you are traveling to London and you want to get a massage at the hotel, you can ask the hotel staff for recommendations or ask for a massage set up for you. Ads can also be found by professional massage therapists, they come with the added advantage of ensuring a minimum level of training and professional development that must be maintained by massage therapists who wish to join these organizations.

London Outcall massage is substantially the same as the label for incall massage, with some additions. Take the time to clear the site where you will receive your massage, leaving ample space for the therapist to set up a table and work. You should also encourage children, pets and housemates to entertain themselves elsewhere for the duration of your massage. Make sure to give your massage therapist clear instructions on the site, and if you have locked the doors or entries, leave unlocked or meet the massage therapist to unlock them. If you have employees home or if you receive a massage in the hotel, alert the staff that you expect from a massage therapist.