Misconceptions about massage

As a matter of fact, massage therapy not only benefits the human body, but also help relax the mind. However, there are some rumors about massage which regard massage as a wrong way of treatment. Today I will briefly talk about some misconceptions about massage.


  1. Massage makes abdomen thinner

There is a saying that if you keep doing massage, the belly fat can be eliminated. A great deal of people, especially those women who have large figures regard this as the only truth. This way seems less painful and less expense to lose weight. In order to have a perfect figure, they often come to massage agencies and except losing several pounds each time. While this is a false statement. The most effective and the fastest way of losing weight is liposuction surgery. It is impossible to lose weight in certain part of your body just through massage therapy. So anyone around tells you that massage can do the job of losing weight, it is not true no matter which part of your body. If you do nor want to suffer from the pain of liposuction surgery, what you have to do is exercise regularly and start a healthy lifestyle. And most importantly, you are in need of a healthy diet in order to keep a good figure.


  1. Massage can cure all diseases

Massage does have a palliative effect for some symptoms and diseases, however, massage can not replace the role of curing diseases. Many people indicate that they feel much more comfortable after massage therapy, while the symptoms and root of the diseased are not eliminated. They are still here. Common people do not have a very clear knowledge about illness, they judge the severity of the disease relying on their sense. So it is very likely for them to consider that massage therapy has the effect of curing all diseases.


The reason why people feel comfortable after massage is because through which the muscles and can be relaxed, the tension of ligament can be relieved and the blood circulation can be promoted as well. Massage therapy, as a matter of fact, is a kind of external stimulation to reach the purpose of relieving and relaxing. Massage actually can not cure patients. Therefore, with any troubles of illness you should go to the regular hospital treatment.


  1. Massage makes chest size from A cup to E cup

The main reason why women chest size is small is mainly the endocrine and hormone. And the family’s factors can not be ignored. Many women think that massage with drug condition can easily help women increase breast size from A cup to E cup. In fact, if you do clockwise massage in the center of your nipple, make sure each time is no less than 15 minutes, and alternate two breasts, the circulation can be promoted. As a result, your breast size can be increased to some extend. However, it is truly exaggerated that massage can help women from A cup to E cup. Massage do have the physical function but it also has its limitations. You can also try food therapy except massage. Food like honey, papaya, homemade soy bean milk and honey, royal jelly and collagen protein, milk, dates, peanuts and other are also beneficial for the breast.


Because of limited knowledge, many misconceptions about massage have been spread. Therefore, while enjoying massage, you still have to enhance your awareness of massage. Massage can not be regarded as regular medical treatment. And if you do not feel well, you should go for hospital treatment instead of massage.