Buddha Meditation under a tree

A Story About The Buddha

I recently had a conversation with one of my regular clients after our 30mins erotic massage session finished. He shared with me a captivating story from ancient China that left me feeling truly inspired. I couldn’t wait to pass along the tale to you:

One day, a disciple was sitting with the Buddha when another man came out of nowhere and spat in Buddha’s face. The disciple grew tremendously enraged at having witnessed his most revered master subjected to such an act of callousness, from such a lowly individual.

Just as he leaped up to brutally retaliate, the Buddha calmly and unemotionally said to his foe, “Thank You”.

Buddha Meditation under a tree

The disciple was stopped dead in his tracks and immediately his rage subsided. He asked his beloved Master why he would thank someone for behaving in such a disgraceful manner.

Buddha said to his disciple, “Everything in life has meaning and a purpose. Even though he spat at me, I remain content and at peace. This was a test for my ego reaction. A test that I passed, but you failed.”