1. How do I book a Tantric massage or Erotic Massage service with Asian Massage London?

Please give us a call and let us know the following:

– your name, full address plus post code and a phone number

– preferred time of the massage

– preferred massage therapist

With this info at hand, we will be able to promptly organize your massage booking.

Your personal details are treated with discretion and used for verification purposes only. They are never shared with any third parties or kept at any records.

2. How much advance notice shall I give if I want have an escort/tantric service?

Please allow 40min-1hour for your masseuse to arrive. The receptionist will tell you exact time of the arrival of your masseuse when you book.

3. Where will my massage session take place?

Massage will be performed in your central London hotel or home. Please inquire at the reception about the incalls – i.e. if you can visit one of our masseuses instead.

4. How do I pay for the massage?

All payments should be made in cash prior to the commencement of your massage session. This will allow keep everything simple and discreet. We do not accept cheques or credit cards.

5. I like Adult massage, but can I have more?

Strictly no. It’s a massage, and not an escort service, despite any apparent resemblances.

6. Do you provide discounts?

Sorry, no. It’s an upmarket London service, and in order to keep high quality standards of it the prices are final and not a subject for bargaining.

7. Are the pictures recent and real?

Most definitely, they are.

8. What if I don’t like the masseuse when she arrives?

In the improbable event of you not liking the celestial creature at your door you can send her back with 50GBP cancellation fee.

9. What if something came up the last minute and I need to cancel my booking?

The cancellations can be made no later than 1 hour before the agreed time of the arrival of your masseuse. If you want to cancel with shorter notice, cancellation fee of 50GBP minimum will incur.

10. Will masseuse have all massage necessities with her?

Yes, of course. The masseuse will arrive fully equipped with deliciously fragranced massage oils, music and candles. There is nothing you need to worry about.

11. How do I prepare for my massage session?

Please have a shower and switch off your phone (your masseuse will do it too upon arrival). Also, please make sure that the room temperature is comfortable and you will not feel chilly when undressed.