Massage techniques

There are so many massage techniques nowdays, Massage is also called “Tuina” in China. Massage has the theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine of the organs and meridian theory. Combined with Western anatomy and pathological diagnosis, massage, this kind of physical treatment has played an important role in specific parts of the human body to regulate the body’s physiological and pathological conditions. In this way, the aim of physiotherapy method can be achieved. In nature, it is a kind of physical therapy.


Massage can be traced back to ancient times. Our ancestors were much easier to get hurt in the fierce survival competition because of the lack of tools. However, they found the pain was reduced and even eased when the hand stroking the certain body surface. Gradually this unique therapy was formed and improved in the long-term process. Massage was not quite popular until the recent years. During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, a massage specialist was set up, there are several jobs as Dr massage, assistant massage and massage work in the imperial Medical Bureau. It even launched a series of organized teaching activities to promote massage.


To the Song Jinyuan period, the scope of the use of massage was much more widely. It is surprised to learn that massage was even used to help pregnant women deliver babies. In the Song Dynasty, there are some books describing the benefits of regular massage. It said that massage helps the elderly people gain spirit again.


In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, on the basis of summing up the experience of clinical treatment of massage, a great deal of different types of massage therapy had been explored and promoted. A number of different schools was formed and more books was published.


And now the massage techniques are much more advanced. Massage can be divided into health care massage, sports massage and medical massage according to different methods of treatment.


Health massage:

Nowadays, health care massage is the branch of massage technology which is the most suitable for those urban citizens with semi-healthy conditions. Not only can massage brings relaxation to the human body, but also enjoyment to their mind. With a certain level of stimulation techniques, it is possible to promote the decomposition of protein and fat which is beneficial for city people.


Sports massage:

It is common that we see those athletes lying on the chair while massage technicians help them relax. After fierce competition such as running and high jumping, the muscles must be very tired and they can hardly relax without any press or rubbing. If the tiredness can not be relieved in time, it may influence the next competition of the athlete. Of course, this kind of massage is in need of unique and professional skills and we normal people are less likely to contact.


Medical massage:

As we can see from the calling, medical massage is specially for those who are in need of medical care. Medical massage can help people release different kinds of physical pain effectively. Even some serious pains like lumbar bone, cervical spondylosis and so on can be treated in this way. Many patient who have suffered those diseases for years said that their pain has been reduced after a certain time of medical massage. Of course it is great news for those who have such pains.


With each passing day, the massage industry seems stronger and greater than before. The world changes rapidly and so does the development of massage technology. It is sure that the massage technology will continue to expand in the near future so that the physical and psychological health of city people can be much more promoted.