Eastern vs. Western Massages

Eastern vs. Western Massages: What Method Is The Right One For Your Needs

When it comes to Eastern and Western massages, people don’t know that there are various types and the benefits they offer can vary. So, with so many choices, should you go with an Eastern massage or a Western one?

western and eastern massage

Eastern Massage

An Eastern Massage uses balance and energy flow to promote healing, looking at the spirit, mind and body as one entity. This is called the holistic approach. Chinese medicine will better energy flow in the body along pathways known as meridians.

Western Massage

This types of massages, like sports massage, separate the body by its functions, putting attention more on the part where pain’s felt. Western massages are more about physical aspects – helping with circulation and tissue manipulation.

Looking At Their Differences

How problems are diagnosed with their pain and injury differs for the East to the West.

• If you deal with constant knee pain, Chinese medical practitioners may look at wrist points or your tongue to find out what your immune system state currently is. It may not look right at the knee.

• In Western medicine, massage therapist will examine the injury location, determine what kind of injury it is – sprain or muscle tear – along with the surrounding tissue to determine if they’ve been affected.

The Eastern style of medicine looks at the bigger picture where Western medicine is all about getting to the heart of the problem.

It’s not uncommon for people to think that Eastern massage is a bit more forceful than the Western massage method. However, it’s important to note that Eastern methods such as the Thai massage can induce a lot of pressure similar to the sports massage and Swedish massage. And, some types of Eastern massage will use oils that can be extremely relaxing while oils are used gently in the Swedish massage.

It’s all dependent upon two things: the goal of the massage and the massage therapist.

Which Massage Type Is Better For You?

It’s important you talk to your massage therapist to learn what massage is better for you. They’ll tell you about the various techniques offer and come up with a massage that tackles what you want to focus on. If you’re dealing with an ankle injury, you may need the direct technique to assist you. If you’re stressed out and have upper tension in your back, you may need the holistic approach the Eastern technique offers.

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