How Massage Help People on Jetlag

Did you know that a massage can help you get rid of your jet lag in a jiffy? If you are a frequent traveler or have just travelled long hours on a flight, then you will be very familiar with jet lag.

What exactly is jet lag?

Jet lag is most experienced by travelers that have crossed the International Date Line. It has also been called the “time zone change syndrome”. When you cross from west to east or vice versa, going through more than one time zone on a single flight, there is a disruption in the natural rhythms of your body. These manifest as symptoms such as muscle aches and pains, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, etc. These symptoms can last for days at a time and can be a major source of discomfort, especially if you are travelling for work or on a much needed vacation. It is no fun to be cooped up in a hotel room recovering from jet lag when you have an important presentation to make or you had scheduled your family for some fun trips. Jet lag can cause loss of productivity and can significantly alter your mood and your quality of life, even if for a few days at a time only.

How can you get rid of jet lag?

The medical community is still researching various means to help people who have jet lag. While there are many products in the market which claim to help people on jet lag, there are no consistent results that prove this.

How does massage help people on jet lag?

Of all the treatments and modalities that have been used to cure people of jetlag, massage seems to be the most promising of them all. This is the reason why most hotels and even airport lounges offer special “jet lag massages” to help weary travelers get themselves sorted out before the start of their work trip or vacation.

Massage is an alternative form of therapy that has existed for thousands of year throughout all cultures of the world. It is usually accomplished with a hands-on approach, although now there are machines too that take on the traditional role of hands very effectively.

Massage is a loosening of the stiff muscles of the body. When the muscles of the body are strained, the mind too is stressed and focused on the discomfort in the body, which can lead to sleeplessness and irritation. When the muscles of the body are relaxed, the mind too is refreshed and relaxed, which can lead to restoration of sleep and an overall sense of peace and calmness.

Massage is a shortcut way to restore the body’s natural rhythms. It takes a two-pronged approach of relaxing the body and thereby relaxing the mind. A simple but effective 45 minute to 1 hour of massage can save you hours of discomfort and trouble due to jet lag. This is why most frequent travelers immediately check into a spa for relaxing massage as soon as they step off of the aircraft!

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