London Massage – My Worst Massage Experience

I can’t describe in words just how much I love my job. I get paid a great rate to please people every day. I get to use my own body in a sensual, yet non sexual way. Although my job is wonderful and most of the people I meet are polite and respectful, not every experience has been one for the books. In fact, I remember my worst erotic massage experience to date.

I arrived at the customer’s hotel, somewhere in an knightsbridge. I had with me an array of sensual oils and candles and a sensual massage gift set, that I always take i case clients want to massage their female partner one day. From the minute I arrived the client began asking about “extra” services.

It is not uncommon for clients to ask about the price of sexual services.
Although the company I work for is very specific that there are no sexual services offered, many customers will inquire anyway.
I politely explained to the customer that I did not provide sexual services. I assumed that would be the end of it.

I continued, letting him know that it is quite normal to feel some form of arousal since the massage itself can be very sensual and erotic. I told him he would simply have to lie back, relax, and enjoy the massage.

Rather than do as he was told, he continued to argue with me that he should receive special treatment. He let me know that he had plenty of money to pay me a decent amount extra. It irritates me to no end to think that there are men who have no respect for a woman. I do not appreciate when a man fails to act like a gentleman. I was so upset by what this man was suggesting that I did not stay to give him his massage. I collected my things and walked out of his flat, pride intact.

Although that happens to be my worst massage experience ever, I am willing to admit that I have had several memorable experiences as well. I refuse to let one really bad, or even a few poor situations deter me from loving my job. I please others while at the same time pleasing myself. It doesn’t get any better than that. I am not the only one in my profession who feels the same. That is because a good masseuse, like me, finds the job pleasurable and so we are able to give that pleasure back to our good, respectable customers.

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