London Massage. What I Loved Most About My Job

Erotic massage has opened me up to a whole new world of experiences. As a masseuse, I have learned what it really means to bring pleasure and relaxation to customers without the addition of any sex involved.

Although some clients do ask for sexual favours, most understand that Oriental Bliss masseuses like me are there to promote relaxation. Of course, there is something very sensual and sexual about body-body massage, the feeling of two nude bodies so close to one another, but Oriental Bliss Asian Massage London is not an escort service. I love that I can relieve tension and stress to relax customers completely.

Aside from over nude erotic massage and stimulating the senses of my customers, what I really love about my job is that I constantly meet new people. I enjoy working with men, women, and couples.
There is never a dull moment in my professional life.

Occasionally I still feel jitters in my stomach when I get in the back of the cab that takes me to the customer’s hotel. I wonder how they are going to act and if they understand my services do not include any sexual favours. Most customers are great in this aspect while some are not.

Just in my last year with Oriental Bliss Asian Massage London, I visited a couple who had been living in London for quite some time but they had never tried an erotic massage. The couple had decided that they wanted to try it for their 10 year anniversary. First timers always make me a little nervous because I never know how they are going to react.

This couple was great. I arrived on time to their residence in the London Westend and instructed them both to get comfortable. They had everything there that I needed although I do have a bag of full of necessities I carry with me to every job.

The couple responded nicely to my caressing hands. I could feel the tension leaving their muscles with every skilled stroke. I noticed that while I was massaging the man, his wife watched me very intently. She said she wanted to learn to do the same for him. I made sure she understood what it was I was doing. I never heard a hint of jealousy in her voice, which happens from time to time. I finished massaging them both and they gave me a quiet thank you. I smiled knowing they were drifting off into a relaxing state of sleep.

Wrote by Kumi, she is specialize in Tantric massage , nuru massage and prostate massage, visit Kumi’s profile here