Sensual Relaxation In London – Benefits of Erotic Massage


Receiving an erotic massage is more than just a form of relaxation; it is a form of pleasure and sensuality. I make sure and promote a certain sense of sexuality and sensuality without the use of sex or sexual acts.

In fact, Oriental Bliss Massage demands very strict standards, which means that clients are not allowed to touch their masseuse or demand sexual favours from them. There are still clients who try to persuade me to give them “special” favours but for the most part, the clients I meet are very respectful of who I am and what my profession is.

I believe in the benefits of erotic massage. Many clients are surprised to discover just how beneficial a nude massage can be.

The massages are very relaxing but they can also be a great prelude to sex. Many clients ask for a massage before they participate in sexual acts with their partner. I feel good knowing I can help clients release their inhibitions. The act itself is very intimate without the use of sex. It brings two nude bodies close together in an erotic manner. Knightsbridge Erotic massage involves massaging the whole body with a special focus on the breasts, pubis, and genitals.

Coming in close contact with these areas can introduce a certain amount of arousal for the clients and me as well. It helps the client reach deep inside him or herself so they understand how their body responds to touch.
While some clients fall into a deep state of relaxation, others respond with a heightened sense of arousal that brings them even closer to their own release. I appreciate both responses. Either way, I know I have done my job well. It is normal to need a towel by the time the session is over.

There are several health benefits to an erotic massage. It can be very peaceful for the mind, body and soul. So many clients tell me how great it feels to be in tune with their mind and body at the same time. They learn exactly what they like and do not like so they can perform better for their lover. Additionally, finding such peace and relaxation is good for the heart and can significantly lower blood pressure levels.

I find a profound sense of satisfaction knowing that I can help my clients accomplish this overwhelming sense of health, relaxation and sensuality unlike they have ever felt before.