Men Can Experience and Enjoy The Multiple Benefits Of A Prostate Massage

Oriental Bliss massage London provide wide selections of massage for men in London. One very distinctive method of Tantric massage is the prostate massage, which many of said allows men to experience pleasure they have yet to experience in their life. There are numerous health benefits to getting a prostate massage, but it’s not just the health benefits that encourage many men to have one. It’s also about the enjoyment that goes along with it.

erotic massage candle

erotic massage candle

The prostate, which is widely known as the male G-spot, allows men to attain an orgasm (or multiple orgasms) through the prostate gland stimulation. According to various studies, the sensations men experience with this kind of erotic massage is close to what women have when their G-spots have been stimulated.

The practice has seen a surge in popularity the last several years. And, couples are commonly using it as men confirm they do experience powerful pleasure from the stimulation. While prostate massage often involves the use of toys, it’s not uncommon for a finger to be used instead. The way to stimulate the prostate is through perineum or penetration of the anus. Since the prostate is an extremely sensitive organ, a tender massage method needs to be utilized.

What Are The Benefits To Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is often called prostate milking and is done for both medical and sexual reasons. When it comes to the sexual response cycle, the prostate is an extremely important part because it’s crucial for the ejaculation process. There are all kinds of benefits associated with this type of massage:

  • Better body circulation – more so in the lower back, hips and legs
  • Reduce chances for certain diseases – chronic prostatitis and cancer
  • Ensure prostate health – healthy lifestyle choices need to be used too
  • Increase in relaxation and energy
  • Increase is sexual desire
  • Potential impotence cure

It’s Not Just An Orgasm: It’s A Super Orgasm

There are some men who cannot attain an orgasm with just a stimulation of the prostate, but some men do experience what’s known as the “super orgasm” from the erotic massage. According to these men, they have many successive orgasms. Before getting the prostate massage, they never knew they could have this type of orgasm. The super orgasm will last for a few minutes and produces a powerful bodily effect.

After this massage, a man feels full of energy, refreshed and ready to face his day. He’ll also sleep better at night.

Although this type of massage is done in a medical setting, it can be applied to the Tantric principles and be done erotically. This kind of massage is both extremely exciting and relaxing. However, in order to get the full effect, the man getting the prostate massage should go into it with an open mind and be ready for the powerful sensations that are associated with it. One thing that should help is hearing other men comment on how the experience was for them.

There are many prostate massage therapists out there that can help you get a professional massage and will make you feel comfortable and less anxious about the experience. The massage therapist you go with should be a highly skilled and trained professional that can make you feel at ease and ensure your enjoy the massage.

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