London Erotic Massage

Are you a business man working and living in London? or just landing to Heathrow after a long time flight? Are you often spend hours at your desks and suffer from back pain, neck pain, dvt or just feel boring of daily work…You may need a Massage, After a nice London massage experience, you will feel totally different, pain is gone, dysphoria is gone, you can sleep well, enjoy more. London is a wonderful city, work is not the only thing in London, have a rest, enjoy the massage and enjoy the life!

Outcall Massage Available:You can easily enjoy our Erotic Massage in Your hotel. Call us to make an appointment

Asian Outcall Massage provide the best erotic Massage in London. Our Asian EROTIC MASSAGE is specially design for gentalmen like you, the erotic massage is a sensual body to body Nude Massage perform by Beautiful professional Asian masseuses. This Erotic Massage service for men does not only provide the benefits of a regular full body massage (relaxation, de-stressing, balancing, de-toxing and re-energizing), but it massages ALL parts of your body and will usually carry you through several stages of potential arousal to a deeply satisfying orgasm (if desired). Asian EROTIC MASSAGE is a profound sensual, relaxing, yet invigorating experience.

Asian EROTIC MASSAGE caters beautifully for a wide range of desires, whether you are looking for a traditional massage with a kick, a more intimate and sensual ‘erotic massage experience’ or are seeking on the way to experience spiritual unity and healing through sexual stimulation.

Erotic Massage is widely recognized as a way to seek a very fulfilling sensual, sexual, healing and (originally) spiritual experience. Parts of the erotic massage are taken from traditional Oriental tantra skill, but all in all it is not as ceremonial or traditional as classic Tantra. In some Tantra Schools e.g. dry orgasms and multiple orgasms are sought to be achieved, but I do find that ejaculations can be very powerful as well. The more traditional tantric elements we have blend in our Asian SENSUAL EROTIC MASSAGE are:

– to view you as a holistic divine being, a combination of mentalemotional,physical and spiritual bodies and to strive to give achievable joy, healing and pleasure to all relevant elements of your being.

– to stimulate the sexual energies of the massagee over a prolonged time period through the nurturing, intimate, caring massage of your whole body and

– to help you to spread sexual invigorating, stimulating, healing, cleansing and balancing energies throughout your body, your whole being – not just to concentrate on your genitals.

Our pretty professional Massaeuse would love to help you to achieve this through the continuous emphasis on other parts of your body during e.g. the final Lingam massage. I do this with both physically and with spiritual techniques (When we meet I’ll be happy to expand and explain further if you are interested)- Don’t worry though, if this does not make any sense to you, the only thing you will have to do throughout the whole massage is to lie back, relax and enjoy.