How do Oriental Asian Massage benefit your well being

Outcall Massage London offer the best Asian massage service in London. Here we introduce a special type of Asian massage: Shiatsu asian massage. Shiatsu originated acupoint therapy, it is the use of finger pressure rubbing acupuncture points and clear the meridians, to relieve fatigue, reduce pain. In recent years, Shiatsu has gradually accepted by Western medicine as a unique alternative therapies. Do-il,as the most popular massage in western countries and Shiatsu,popular in Japan ,are both based on the development of a branch of the essence of Chinese acupuncture therapy. Western medical studies have proven to stimulate acupuncture points to promote the body’s endorphin secretion, which is a body’s natural sedative, able to soothe the nerves and relieve tension. This is Shiatsu bodacious secret.


Griping feet with your hands,and massaing your feet with thumbs, moving up from toes to the ankle.The massage force should be kept light,faster and base on rhythm.Then pinch each toe in order to release the excess energy stored in the meridians.The above actions can make people relax immediately.

Shiatsu massage can be anywhere,whether you are on the plane or in your office,also,you can do it in the morning or evening.People do not need to change clothes,but just dancing your fingers,as little as 10 minutes.


The function of beauty from Shiatsu is mostly focus on faces. Firstly, wash your face,and rub it with your hands and thumb and index fingers from chin to face fo 5 or 6 times.The repeated movement act on the cheek central and the orbital lower part of the site as well. Repeat the above steps several times, By acting on several meridians, to relax, smooth blood circular,and finally make you look more beautiful.

Neutralize you emotions

The following massage might help people to refree when they feel tired after wake up and dream a lot. Place your arms behind your back,and make your hands a fist, uplift to the scapula as far as possible, but should not force. Exhale, Pat spine on both sides, until the sacrum at (bladder meridians), then up to pat repeated several times, people feel energetic and vibrant.

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